Keep Climbing the Hill

” Consistency is what shapes you” ~ (Thanks, Massey Campos, I’m trying!)

Real Life Entry: It’s Thursday afternoon, and I have hours of work yet ahead of me. I am behind – on so many levels. So much is on my mind, and I am headed into a very busy weekend of double shifts. I want to write about what it looks like to really take responsibility, but I don’t even know where to begin with how that looks in my life.

This year I have learned that I have not aged as graciously as I might have liked. My patience for 20-something, self absorbed drama queens in the workplace, has waned. I’m over it. This is probably highlighted for me by the fact that my last team of coworkers was absolutely incredible, and my boss, the best I ever had. The transition to here and now, glaringly stands out from that. But, I don’t want to sit at a desk all day + OT. My lower spine says; “screw you, lady!” There is the rub. Well, that and Tennessee!

Judging from what my self employed friends say, self employment is a taxation nightmare – but I don’t care. I am looking into every way possible of getting off this merry-go-round. This has involved a lot of consideration of what function social media has played for me, how I transition that, what other kind of sacrifices I might have to make, and so on. Why now? I ask myself that. All I can answer is that I have finally gotten desperate enough. I’m turning 42 this year, I have goals I would like to reach, I have people and places I would like to visit and interview in order to highlight on my blog – something has gotta give.

I have just started getting into some affiliate marketing things, listened to every Tom Woods podcast there is on entrepreneurs and the like, and various other things of that nature. In the meantime, I am playing catch up, my free time is dwindling, the chiropractor should just move in, and I need a personal trainer (hellooo accountability)!

By some miracle of God – I totally believe it is – I at least feel very optimistic. Maybe not every second of the day, but enough to get by. Of course, there are those moments when I feel like I am climbing up a rock wall without a harness – don’t look down!

So I guess; anything can happen. A year ago I was in Spokane, feeling like it just wasn’t home anymore, wondering what might be next, or if I was stuck. Optimism was more fleeting. Today, here I sit in my Nashville townhouse, with my roommate’s chocolate lab trying to lick me to death, writing this blog post while I think about how much I can accomplish this week – even though it will be hard. It’s so different, in so many ways. I would be amiss not to mention the crazy amount of prayer that has gone into my decision making process. But here I am, climbing the hill. Who knows what might be on the other side, eh? 😉

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